Acupuncture Detoxification

The treatment, which lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, consists of 5 small disposable needles being placed in each ear.  Your ear may tingle or feel warm during the treatment.  While the needles are in you will feel relaxed and might even fall asleep. 

While a one-time session is beneficial for stress releif, clarity of mind and overall well-being.  Consistent and regular treatments are even more beneficial.  There is a major discount on multiple sessions (see pricing and contact page). 

“How does acupuncture work?” 

"This is not just a foolish question for control freaks.  Our relationship to this problem can show us the basic nature of the acupuncture profession.


Acupuncture helps the body help itself.  Acupuncture provides input to an already functioning homeostatic system.  Our bodies make constant adjustments on many levels.  The aspects of life that are affected by acupuncture are quite complex:  microcirculation, autonomic balance, immune function, and more.  Acupuncture can also affect functions such as sleep and menstruation that occur a significant amount of time after the actual treatment.  None of us, modern or traditional, can explain these bodily functions in a clear-cut way.


The term Jing suggests a degree of complexity that can be perceived.  Jing is an

underground river; therefore is nourishing, accessible from the surface, but impossible for us to observe in any accurate detail.  Jing contains the “silk” radical, suggesting

unaccountable strands of life which function in a smooth valuable manner.


It is simple.  Life is far too complicated to be understood in a clear predictable manner.  Neither modern science nor traditional metaphor can adequately describe the interlocking microscopic and organic adjustments that living beings make.

Lawrence is Nationally Certified as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist with NADA and Licensed by the State of Louisiana (LA #0023).  He knows that giving up an addiction can be scary, hard and empowering and will listen to your concerns and fears and hopes with an open heart and with no judgment.  

       Acupuncture for 

Detoxification & Stress Relief

Lawrence Henry Gobble, ADS # 0023


This is a drug-free and effective  way to help you with your addictions or to deal with high level of stress and balance one's everyday life experience.

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association's (NADA) acupuncture-based treatment has been shown to significantly decrease cravings for alcohol and drugs, withdrawal symptoms, relapses, anxiety, insomnia and agitation.  


Acupuncture and other Qi-related therapies give practitioners a unique privilege.  We are able to work with a partner (the living human body) that has much more capability than we do.  Most health methods focus on substance or activities that act on the body.  Practitioners of these methods must rely only on their own knowledge to determine the appropriateness and limitations of the treatments being provided.  Hence an obsessive need for control dominates most health care.  Acupuncture and other Qi-related transcend these limitations.


Acupuncture is not a dominant process.  It is supportive and integrative.  Acupuncture is like raising a child.  The patient comes to us for help, but the treatment only makes sense if the patient’s Qi – the patient’s becoming – is more vital than ours.  Healing occurs through relationship not action.


To develop our relationship with the patient’s Qi, we must be comfortable with the vast and complex character of bodily Qi.  It is indeed a “higher power.”  We need to accept our subordinate role in this relationship." Dr. Michael Smith