Honorarium - Minister Fee

A minimum honorarium of $150 for the first hour is expected for wedding ceremony, and $75.00 for each additional hour thereafter. Normally this is paid in advance of the wedding unless a rehearsal is also included when payment is expected by or at the rehearsal. There is an additional minimum $75.00 per hour fee for rehearsals. Generally the wedding coordinator does the walk through and not the Minister (Lawrence). Rehearsal, parking, travel, or other special expenses are additional costs and expected to be paid by the couple before the ceremony begins. Weddings on a Holiday are up to double the regular rate depending on time and location.

Most normal weddings will cost $150.00 to $225.00, the total of the booking fee if required and the one hour minimum Honorarium.

Ceremony Honorarium Minimum $150.00

Please call and communicate you have a license and there are no changes in plans as close to the wedding as possible, 

Lawrence Henry Gobble 504-621-8054


Wedding ceremonies in paid locations must be paid by the couple including any fees for the Officiant to park or enter such as Theme Parks or Festivals. Any special setting that may require him to remain for several hours also may incur additional costs depending on the amount of time required. No decorations, music, candles, microphones are provided. Couples are responsible for items they want at their service. 


If travel is expected out of the area, the bride and groom are expected to pay all hospitality and transportation expenses for the Minister. A cost will be discussed for the travel at the booking. Any wedding outside the City of New Orleans must be fully discussed and may include travel costs.