Intuitive Bodywork

"understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight seemingly independent of previous experiences or empirical knowledge"

Bodywork is done:

ALL BODYWORK is done for HEALING and THERAPEUTIC purposes.


Intuitive Bodywork could be describe as a great massage.  However, I do not use the word "massage" in describing my work because I in no way claim to be a licensed massage therapist.  My work is a culmination of hundreds of hours of experience, trading with professionals and non-professionals and using my intuition to release tension, create a wonderful feeling of being touched and provide a space for healing your body on a physical level. 


This work is very healing and I approach each client and session with a professional, confidential and respectful intent.  I ask that all those interested return this respect and show up clean and ready for a great bodywork session.  It is also appreciated that each client be appropriate with their requests.  I am not currently trained in sexual or tantric healing and therefore they are not a part of any session.  By setting these parameters ahead of time it frees the space up for a beautiful relaxing and healing experience!

New Orleans, LA Healer 2008