Original Music

 I believe that Music is a healer, and brings forth the vibration of our emotions


"Music and Rythym find their way into the secret places of the soul."



I began writing music sometime 1979 and feel I came into his own in 1994 after meeting a stranger that  I connected with on a level of intimacy that movies are made of...I then wrote "COME BACK TO NEW ORLEANS" and continue to write about my journey here on earth as the events bring them to a musical vibration...I sit down at the piano or grabs a guitar to actually flesh out the melody.


"BREATHE IN THE OCEAN" was written after traveling to Los Angeles and realizing the connectedness of us all through our breath...and even though I was sitting on Marina Del Rey, I realized that water stretched around the globe up to my home town, New Orleans.  And the sky that lit up with stars like diamonds while hiking in the mountains shined over us all - New Orleans, New Mexico, and California, New Zealand, Ethiopia, China, and Iceland.  So Breathe...

in 2023 Arsène DeLay recorded these two songs, a co-written song, "FINDING OUR HEART" and a remix of her song "COMING HOME". The EP entitled COME BACK TO NEW ORLEANS is on all streaming platforms.

Here is a link to the music video of the title track: